Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate Soup, Valentines, and Snow Painting

So last night I watched 4 kids (5-girl, 3-boy, 2-boy, 1-boy) the first thing we did was make some super cute valentines.

I cut out hearts in pink, white and red then had the kids decorate them. When they were done I cut a strip of paper and wrote, "I love you this much on," it and accordion folded it. Then I glued a side to the back of each heart.  Then I traced their hand and clued down the two middle fingers so it said I love you in sign language. Then after it dried a little I put, "I love you," on it and glued it to a heart.  Their grandma loved them and couldn't believe I got everyone to sit down and do one. The five year old was able to do most of it on her own and was very proud.

The next thing we did was make chocolate soup, which is hot cocoa in a bowl. I just put two packs of hot cocoa in the bowl added hot water from the sink, let the big girl stir and put three straws in. It was a hit.  They drank it all in about 2 seconds. Definitely a new tradition. Sorry no pics for this one because I was holding the baby and  keeping the second youngest from falling out of his chair. 

Before I went over to babysit I filled some old bottles with hot water and put the tips of old markers in them. This colored the water and it was washable. Watercolors would work too, but I couldn't find any.

Once I had put the boys to sleep I went outside and got a bowl of snow and set it in the bathtub. Then I let the big girl spray/squirt the snow with the colors. We went through 2 bowls of snow all the while telling me how fun it was to paint snow. She was quite upset when I told her she couldn't take it home in her suitcase to mommy, but I promised her I would take a picture and give it to mommy.

When her grandparents came home she was still painting. I ended up staying until every last drop of paint was gone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I created this blog to share my experiences with babysitting. Unlike the stereotyped babysitter I enjoy being with the kids and get involved. When I babysit I can let my inner child show. I will be posting the things I do with the kids (especially this summer.) I hope fellow babysitters will enjoy my future posts and maybe try a few ideas and parents too if they happen to stumble upon it. Happy sitting!