Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Can't Believe It's Over

I got super busy with school and didn't get a chance to post about our last week, so here it is finally.

 Monday we headed to the drive way with some ride on toys. Amelia went with the Hollywood  look.

 Bo wore the GoPro on his head while he road and filled up at the "gas station".

 We had lots of fun.

 Bo's box was a farm box. I used rice as the base (since I couldn't find field corn). I used a Farm Toob. The fence and trees came out of a farm set I found at Walmart on clearance.

 Amelia had oat, spoons and measuring cups.

Bo's backflips

 Then we took the GoPro for a test run in the pool.

Jumping in

 On my head

 Bo took an underwater summersault selfie.

On Bo's head

 Just swimmin'

Back on Bo's head

On Amelia's head

 I honestly don't remember our craft and don't seem to have any pictures of it.

 Tuesday we went to the park for the last time.

 When we got back Amelia took a nap, while Bo and I made chocolate dipped banana popsicles (Bo was in charge of sprinkles can ya tell?).

 Marshall bought home this HUGE box. They spent a good amount of time decorating it.

 After our boxes we went for our last swim.

 Pool selfie!

 Bo took this one.

 Gus of course had to join in the fun.

 Bo took this too. He really likes the GoPro.

 While I things picked up Bo hung out in his box.

 Amelia on the other hand fell asleep on this mountain of toys.

 Bo opted to take a bath. It wasn't 10 minutes before he was asleep too.

 Wednesday we spent the day at Wildcat.

We had a picnic, walked the trail, visited the nature center, and played in the spring. We got home just in time for me to pack up all of my stuff.

We had an AWESOME summer and I absolutely can't wait until next year. I will tell you that Bo has requested a "summer camp for you (Morgan), me (Bo), and Sis." I have already started planning and I can't wait for Summer 2015. 

I have a video that I made of our summer that I will have to post at another time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chocolate Dipped Wild West

So, I kinda forgot about this post after I got busy with school.

Here was our wild west box. The dark brown is dried coffee ground. The river is blue half marbles. The other side is aquarium rocks. I used a Wild West Toob and a Trees Toob.

Sis's box was marshmallows and water.

It was pretty outside on Monday to we flew a kite.

Sis did a pretty good job, except that she kept chasing the kite while she was holding it.

We did a craft, but it didn't turn out very well. It was a fish in a jar Pinterest project.

Tuesday we make chocolate dipped marshmallows.

They were a hit.

Once again the boxes were enjoyed.

Wednesday we headed to the park in the morning.

This is Bo's favorite part.

This is Amelia's.

That afternoon we went to the library. They played with the toys, Bo and I read dinosaur books. Amelia and I read some stories in Spanish. We had lots of fun.