Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bo's Blue Night

I got to watch Bo at my house tonight and since his favorite color is blue I ran with it.

First we painted blue paper BLUE, but I put tape on so it would have his name on it. He thought that was really cool.

Getting started

Starting to turn him blue.

Now everything is blue. We had to wash of the driveway, but he didn't want to help so I gave him the hose and told him to pretend to be a firefighter. He didn't want to stop LOL.

Blue Bo

Then of course he needed a bath. After he was no longer blue I put in glow sticks and turned out the lights. I had to talk him out of the tub. Sorry for the blurry pics he wouldn't sit still.

Then we moved on to the blue sensory box. It was my first one and I was very impressed. I colored some rice blue and then added some blue trinkets I found around the house. He was literally silent. He sat there running the rice through his fingers, drooling and didn't make a peep. He really liked it and I will definitely be making more sensory boxes.

Before we set the beast lose.

First reaction

Here's the drooling.

Can't wait for school gets out so I can do this three times a week not every once in awhile.

Jellybean Bracelets

Sorry this is a little late, but as the end of school is getting closer the teachers are piling on homework. On Easter Sunday Mom and I each thread a needle with some string and dipped it in vegetable oil. We then threaded the jellybeans. It was fun for the kids, but a lot of work on our part.

This was before it was eaten

But obviously if there are jellybeans on your wrist they will be eaten

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cloud Dough

I watched Griffin again this week and we made cloud dough.
I took 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil and mixed them. I added a little more oil until the consistency felt right. Then I mixed and let Grif lose.

He discovered that he could sit in the bowl.

It makes a nice hat too

And it feels funny on your tummy

Eventually I used the rest of the bag of flour and we were both entertained for an hour throwing, digging and squishing this amazing toy. I highly recommend this activity but definitely do it outside. By the time it was time to go inside we were both covered in flour. Very fun and definitely a do over.

Marble Painting

I watched Griffin who is 2 years old. I decided to do marble painting with him.

 Here is the set up. I just took a box and laid the paper in, put paint on the side and threw in 50 marbles.

Then I told Grif to shake.

So he shook.

And shook

This was the 1st paper

 This was the 2nd 

His grandma loved the project.

I plan on doing this again with another kid, but I think I will use a deeper box and put plastic wrap over the top because the marbles kept bouncing out. Overall it was really fun and came out better than expected.