Saturday, November 17, 2012

29 Sensory Activities

I used two cans of shaving cream sprayed all over the trampoline.

Then I added the sprinkler. We played for an hour and fifteen minutes!

Super easy and lots of fun!

I simply cut up foam noodles from the dollar store, then threw Bo in.
I do plan on getting some more for next summer

I colored rice and noodles by putting them in a bag then adding food coloring and rubbing alcohol.
I laid it out on some wax paper to let it dry overnight then put it in our box.
Then I collected some yellow toys and buried them in the rice.
Bo seemed to like the digging ones the best.

I cooked the spaghetti with food coloring and vinegar.
Next I put it a bag with some oil to make it slippery and threw it in the fridge.
Bo thought it was yucky and kept dry heaving so he preferred using tongs.
I used some old aquarium rocks and water.
Then I cut out some foam lilly pads and added animals.
He really liked the frogs.
This was a daily activity just about.
Super fun and easy.
Mix 1 teaspoon of borax into 1 cup of water and stir until dissolved.
In a separate cup mix 1/2 cup of white glue with 1/2 cup of water and add food coloring.
Mix the two cups and stir.  It will start to get more putty like.

If you poke the slime it makes tooting noises for those of you with boys!
Just throw the letters from the fridge into the pool.
Then hot glue a magnet to a string and tie to a stick.
I love simple sensory activities.
It is really hard to get the sails to stand up so I taped them to the walls of the freezer.
It was enjoyable, but I suggest using foam sails not paper.

This was black beens, beads, blocks and print outs.
I soaked the beans in alcohol so that I can keep and not have bugs in them.
Blue rice, feathers, and red, white and blue toys.
This was our 4th of July box.
This was bird seed, a cat toy, two real nests, and two eggs that were found in the nest.
The bird even chirped!
Super simple. Plastic containers and cups in a sink of soapy water.
I also threw in some brushes and wash clothes.

The base is cloud dough. It is made with 1 part baby oil and 8 parts flour.
The of course I added an aquarium cave, plants, and dinosaurs.
The cloud dough is fun by itself the dinosaurs were just and added plus.
I made a slip 'n' slide out of a plastic table cloth and 2 cans of shaving cream.
Of course I added a sprinkler later to wash him off.

The base is black beans.
Then I cut up some fake flowers from the dollar  store and "planted" them.

Then I added some bugs.

Black beans again.
This time I had some ity bity horses and tractors to throw in.
The tractors spent a lot of time burying each other.

I put about an inch of water into the box and froze that.
Then layer by layer I added animals and more water and froze it.
The final layer was another inch of water.
Then I let the boys use the hammer and the hair dryer to free the animals.

Red rice and red toys. Really simple, but Bo really loves to find the treasures.
I just blew up balloons and threw in stuffed animals and pillows.
He kept begging to go to bed!

Super easy. Just rocks and tractors.

I covered the teeth in contact paper and grabbed some toothpaste from the dollar store.
The toothbrush was from the dentist.

He loved the toothpaste.

I dumped a huge bottle of soap and magnetic letters in.
Eventually I added a strainer and water.
We ended up washing the car too. 

This was really hard to do because of so much leakage.
I folded a plastic drop cloth in half and duct taped it.
Then I added the hose. It was fun while it lasted even for the big kids.

We had a food fight with refrigerated vanilla pudding.
Best thing ever!

I buried sea creatures in blue jello. It was fun and yummy!

Blue rice and blue toys. This was my first box with Bo.
He was literally speechless.

We had this stuff all over the back yard! It was a really good time.