Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Under the Sea 2

This is the beginning of the aquarium plate. He painted two plates. I cut a hole out of the middle of one.

I found a wooden fish in the craft box, and some aquarium rocks in the aquarium. I let him glue everything down, then I taped plastic wrap over the hole and and glued/taped the two plates together. Then I let him add stickers. He was super excited about his aquarium.

 We attempted the redneck water bed, but we had problems so we taped and filled a trash bag for Bo to  play on while we got the other one up and ready.

I taped two drop clothes together then folded them in half and taped all but a little hose hole.
I was afraid it might pop so I put a tarp down. The first time as it was filling it rolled away. Oops.
That was when we made the trash bag one for Bo.
We started over and taped it down this time :D!

It worked great until someone put their little fingers in it, 

but Grant fixed it.

Bo did a lot of jumping.

 Then the big kids got in on the fun.

It lasted longer than I thought it would, but also took way more work than I thought. It was worth it, but might I suggest you start taping before 10:30 pm and have help.

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