Monday, May 21, 2012

Under the Sea

Today was the first day I got to watch Bo this summer. Our theme today was the ocean.

 We started by using foam stickers to make a sea picture.

 All done and very proud.

Then of course since it was ocean day we read Rainbow Fish.

 Then we made a rainbow fish by cutting out an aluminum foil fish and painting it blue and green then later adding eyes and fins later with sharpies.

 He kept telling me that he was a rainbow fish.

Once everything was dry I glued it on some "water" and added bubbles and words.

My wonderful baby brother built a fire and made octodogs 

While Bo hit him with a stick

All done

Except for a "ketchup face" Bo said.

 Then after a short nap we went to tye dye shirts.

 I put a cup underneath, next I put a rubber band around the top to hold the shirt in place and then let him scribble with sharpies. When he was done I added alcohol with a turkey baster (closest thing I could find to an eye dropper). That caused the colors to spread and it was really cool. There will be more pics later.

 On to the sensory box. It was blue jello with plastic sea critters in it.

At first he thought it was gross to touch

But wonderful in your mouth!

 In the bath tub we ate pudding popsicles we made earlier today by putting popsicle sticks through the lid and freezing them.

They were yummy!

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