Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ABC and Under the Sea 3

I had planned on today being ABC, but since we were rather contrary yesterday the ocean theme ran over.

I cut a paper plate in half and had him paint the outside of both halves purple.

After it dried I used blue streamers to make tentacles. I taped 3 to the inside of each plate then taped/glued both sides together.

 We colored a bit more on his shirt today.

 Today's sensory box was magnetic letters in soap.

He loved it.

I set out a stainer so that he could take the letters out. After he got them all out he poured them in again. He did that about 5 times.

 He kept saying it felt squishy.

 Next I added some water to the soap.

 Then he "washed" his feet.
When he was done playing he helped me wash the car.

 This is the beginning of a paper sack whale check back next week to see the finished product.

He is showing off his spider tattoo he wanted on his belly.  

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