Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Crafts

These are from last year, when I watched the kiddos everyday after school. I never got around to posting them so here they are...finally.

I cut out paper trees with my Cricut and hole punched them. I laid them down on contact paper and let the kids put little pieces of tissue paper over the holes. Once they were done, I cover the back with contact paper and trimmed the edges.

I painted the sticks red and glued them into a triangle. I put down glue dots and the kids put cotton balls on them.

I put metal cookie cutters on some parchment paper. I put an unfolded paper clip under the top of the cookie cutter. The kids filled them with pony beads. I baked them on a low temperature and watched them to see when they melted. I pulled them out and let cool.

I cut up used Christmas cards, so that the words were gone. I gave the kids glue,  funny scissors, and lots of paper and markers. 

They made lots of Christmas cards.

This one was a fail :( We melted peppermints in the metal cookie cutters the same way we did the beads. The problem was that I used cooking spray so the edges turned brown.

I had a gingerbread man kit. I let each kid have a foam man and some glitter glue.

We had a multi-stage project. Day one we painted. I glued. Then the next day the kids used glue dots to make them into reindeer. Amelia's had to have a bow like her because it was a girl. 

I painted and glued the trees. Using glue dots and gems they decorated them. (FYI I LOVE glue dots. They make these kinds of crafts so simple and easy to clean up)

Bo requested that we make more cards, so of course we did.

I think he made one for everybody he knew.

Bo made paper snow flakes one afternoon, while Amelia was sleeping.

Of course once you make ornaments they much be hung on the tree...and moved daily.