Friday, February 28, 2014 February?

About a week ago I spent the day with Bo and Amelia. 

 She got up and had some breakfast.

 After Bo finally got around and dressed he did some Color Wonder. I absolutely love Color Wonder. It is right up there with play dough.

 Gus was worn out, the poor puppy.

 Bo did some play dough. I brought Cookie Monster. He added some dinosaurs and cars to the mix.

 Play dough is the bomb!

 Since last time Sis had play dough she ate it and shared with the dog, I let her play with her box. It is the shoebox size tub with a little bit of water and some big animals. Her box was meant to be mouth safe.

 She liked the water!

 She kept kissing the frogs. FYI none of them turned into a prince.

 Bo realized that she was playing with her "special surprise" and investigated it too.

 Then since it was about 60 degrees outside we went to the park. Bo and I played ball, hide and seek, and he gathered up a large pile of sticks.

 Sis was not sure about walking on the grass, so she spent a lot of time chasing me down trying to get picked up.

 We went back to the house and Bo rode his scooter. He would get "stuck" and shout for help. Amelia would go "help" him out.  Too cute!

 Both kids at lunch then slept for FOUR hours! Bo told me that I made him exhausted. When he got up he painted/dipped some coffee filter flowers for his mom.

 He realized that we made a BOuquet and thought that is was hilarious.

 For his box I picked out anything I had that could be in the ocean.

He was thrilled! He played for at least an hour.

He now enjoys small world play.

Sis played with her box again. It ended with her dumping the water on herself, but she had fun!