Wednesday, August 6, 2014

King Bo

 Bo got a castle box the week before I left for vacation. I used playing of all sizes as the base. I made the castle out of cereal boxes, tp tubes, paper towel tubes, and an old folder.

 I added in the medieval Toob and we were set.

 Amelia had oobleck.

 Boy played with his box for a long time on Monday.

 Drew thought Amelia needed help.

 And he played in the sand box. 

We also did paint bombs, but the paper wound up getting muddy from the driveway. To make it though I laid out some big paper. In ziplocks I mixed washable paint and water. Then outside Bo dropped in an Alka-seltzer and I sealed the bag. He laid it on the paper and waited. If it took too long (all but one did) he would stomp them.

 On Tuesday we made fruit pizza. He made the one on the left and mine is on the right. I just looked up a recipe on Pinterest and went with it. Bo and I loved it.

 We once again did our boxes, except without any help from the big boys.

Wednesday Bo requested a break day. We had VBS everyday that week, so at 5:30 we headed to church and didn't get back until 9. He was exhausted as was I. We had just picked up Jacob from soccer and walked in the door when Sis threw up. She was lethargic all day, so the lazy day kinda worked out for the better. We did absolutely nothing on Wednesday.