Sunday, October 27, 2013

Facebook Official

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

33 Ways To Paint

Bo told me that his favorite thing we did was paint, so this summer I painted with him as often and in as many ways as possible. Here is a compilation of all the different ways I have had the kids paint since the start of my blog.
  1. Snow Painting- This was my very first post about babysitting. Grace painted snow in the bathtub. It was an absolute hit. She painted 2 bowls until they were melted.

  2. Marble Painting-  The grandma was very impressed with painting technique. I've done it twice now and both boys loved it. It was just enough action to keep their attention. Another one with slightly better planning.

  3. Painting Over Masking Tape- This might have worked better on a canvas, but it turned out ok with construction paper. It helped add some design to a little kid's painting. Here is a turtle one.

  4. Painting on Aluminum Foil- This made a wonderful Rainbow Fish and a decorative Bo.

  5. Coffee Filter Butterflies- This is a classic elementary school craft for a reason. He loved the result, it was easy enough for both of us, and I had the supplies on hand.

  6. Hand Print Dinosaur- What boy wouldn't love a dinosaur named after him?

  7. Hand Print Calendar- And what mom wouldn't appreciate this?

  8. Painting in a Bag- This was the cleanest painting I think I've ever done with a kid. It also makes a nice place to practice letters or draw.

  9. Koosh Ball Fireworks-  I loved this one because it turned out so well. Both the big boy and the little boy got in on this one. We did it again a year later.

  10. Fly Swatter Painting- Again this is right up any boy's alley. Here we did it again.

  11. Snap Painting- This was very messy, but it made a cool looking paper. Another good boy one.

  12. Sponge Painting- This was a dollar store find. And can be done again.

  13. Car Painting- The title should make it obvious that this is another hit with boys. Here is another example with different tracks.

  14. Sidewalk Paint- I did this a few times seeing as it is great summer activity. Here it is again with a better recipe. Again, but in balloons.

  15. Salad Spinner Painting- This made cool shirts and papers. Bo loved to spin it super fast.

  16. Bubble Wrap Painting- This was a "green" activity. The paint brush was made from things rescued from the trashcan.

  17. Toilet Paper Tube Painting- This is another recycled activity. It has so many possibilities. Here is a cute fall example.

  18. Painting with Shaving Cream- This made the paper soft and smell good.

  19. Feet Painting- Ok who hasn't painted with their feet? It is just one of those kid things.

  20. Father's Day Hands- Mom, Dad, and Grandma liked this.

  21. Painting the House- and car and driveway and dog

  22. Blow Paint- This would make cool monsters if you add googley eyes.

  23. Painting with Combs- Anything can be a paint brush.

  24. Painting with Pom Poms- This also makes good fireworks

  25. Paint Capturing- This one is very messy, but if the tray has a design it is captured in the otherwise boring paint smear.

  26. Painting a Bird House- Bo loved this for the novelty I think.

  27. Cookie Cutter Painting- Bo kept asking for more paper for this one.

  28. Painting with Water- This could also be done outside on the driveway.

  29. Body Paint- This was fun and moisturizing

  30. Frozen Painting- Another great summertime activity.

  31. Bathtub Paint- Homemade paint so it is cheaper than store bought.

  32. Bubble Painting- This is a two person activity to be done outside.

  33. Animal Feet Painting- This is a good lesson on animal tracks.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pooping Cookie Monster

I asked Bo what he wanted to do first and of course his answer was paint.

 I cut up a toilet paper tube and painted a tree trunk. He dipped the toilet paper roll pieces into paint and stamped them onto the paper.

 The large puddle of paint in the corner is a leaf pile.

 Next he played with some homemade play dough made with a recipe him grandma gave me. He loves to feed Cookie Monster.

And he likes it even more when Cookie poops.

We read three Halloween books. Finally he colored a pirate book and added some dinosaur stickers. I was only there for about an hour, but it was one busy hour. When his mom got home he finished up coloring and put away the supplies. He came over to me and asked where his special surprise (sensory box) was. I told him I didn't make one because I was with him very long, he told me that I was tricking him. He went downstairs to where I kept my stuff during the summer, only to see that I was telling the truth. He came back up to me and said, "Silly Morgan. You forgot it, but that's ok. You can bring one next time."