Sunday, June 24, 2012


I stayed up until 12:30 making dinosaur eggs. I put a little dino in a balloon and blew the balloon up until I thought it was a good sized dino egg. Then I paper mached it. The next morning when everything was dry (blow dried them for 30 minutes each and left a fan on them all night) I cut the tips off the ballons.

 I hid them in the garden for Bo to find.

 Do you see the dino eggs?

 Found one!

Found another!

Next he began "banging" them with his hammer.

When it hatched there was a baby dino inside.

Long project for me, but well worth it.

The sensory box was cloud dough, an aquarium rock, an aquarium plant and baby dinos.

 He was VERY excited!

 Then when the dinos got old he took everything out and had me bury his feet over and over.

I found a dino template online so I printed it out and painted it black. When it was dry I cut out the middle and laid the black side down on some contact paper. Then I had Bo put tissue paper on it. 

It turned out super cute.

 I also found this dino template online, so I printed it too. I had Bo paint it green. Once it dried I cut it out and glued it on another piece of paper and Bo make spikes with his hands. The final touch was naming it Boceritops.

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