Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This last week I had Bo and his big brother Jacob, so we only did one craft this week and that was for Father's Day.

I got my wonderful brother to mix up some concrete, which I then poured into some plastic plant holders like the ones to keep water from going everywhere.

 Then I had Bo put his foot in one and his hand in the other.

 With help from brother he put the stones in.

 His brother said that he didn't want to make a stone, but obviously Bo didn't make this one.

We had a red sensory box. I used red rice and toys found at the dollar store and toy tub.

 Even Jake got into it.

 For some easy contained entertainment this week I blew up some balloons and threw them in the play pen with some squishy balls, microbead pillows, a noodle, and a stuffed animal. Bo loved it so much he would ask to go to play in his bed.

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