Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bugs... and Whales

This is the beginning of a paper plate ladybug.

Paint a red plate and two black plates. Put black dots on the red plate and cut out the inner circle of one black plate. The little circle will be the head and pipe cleaners will be the legs. Use a hole punch and tie everything together with a pipe cleaner.

 We also finished our paper sack whale finally. We stuffed it with newspaper, rubber banded it to make a tail, cut out and taped on flippers and drew a face.

Oh and to make the water I just frayed some paper an poked a hole for it to go in.

 I had some colorable bug stickers and Bo decided the best way to color them was while they were stuck to his belly.

 For lunch he had a Morgyable. Which is finger food in a muffin tin.
It just spices things up once in awhile.

 The sensory box today was black beans, fake flowers, pots, a watering tin and plastic bugs.

It was CUTE.

 His favorite part was the bugs of course.

 He painted coffee filters with water and food coloring.
 I later turned them into butterflies.

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