Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Break has Come to an End

My hair has grown a ton this summer. I actually have enough to donate plus some.

I did keep a journal all summer. I wrote about once a week.

I took 1,263 pictures this summer, so I'm counting that as "lots".

I almost learned to juggle.

Calligraphy just wasn't for me

I didn't learn all of my brown belt kata, but I do get to test this week for my next belt so I did learn a lot.

I think I will keep doing stuff in my free time (yeah right, I'm in college). I will do my best anyways.

And here is my "after"" pic.

So that means I completed 28 of my 57 things.

Day 97-101

Day 97 is my favorite movie.

Day 98 is something I no longer have.
That was my second hamster, Teddy Bear. She lived in the furnace for 2 weeks, because she escaped and fell through the vent (old fashioned vent) we found her and she lived for another 3-4 years. She had many adventures in her long hamster life. Out of my 7 hamsters she was the best.

Day 99 is me and my friends out somewhere.
This is me and my friend at graduation.

Day 100 is my first picture on Facebook.

Day 101 is me smiling.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bucket List Extravaganza

Ok so the geyser tube was worthless, but it was funny when it started shooting toward my brother's car.

 So this was my homemade smoke bomb. It was just a ping pong ball and aluminum foil.

Really cool. I want to do it again with more sticks.

 Here is my terrible looking newspaper basket.

Bo would have loved this.

This was my baseball bracelet.

Summer 2013 (Summer of the Cornstarch)

So every year I do a project for Bo's parents at the end of the summer. Bo and I used a ton of cornstarch this summer, so his mom started calling it Summer of the Cornstarch.


 Ok so this totally didn't turn out as planned.

The idea was to draw with glue, let it dry, paint it with water colors, let it dry, and scrap the glue off with a razor blade. Well the glue didn't come off. Oh well Bo enjoyed it anyways.

I made a game of hopscotch with tape on the floor.

 I made another couch fort.

He was the king and I was the knight. Whenever he needed me to fight an animal he would yell, "Security!" It was hilarious. I killed a dragon with my sword, a blue hawk with an airplane, and a purple dragon with my sword. 

We also played with paper pulp dough, but he didn't like it because it was cold and squishy. To make it you will need 1 1/2 c. water, 1 c. torn construction paper, 2 c. flour, 1 c. salt, 1 small package of sugar-free gelatin. Put the paper and water in the blender and grate for 30 seconds. Then liquefy for 45 seconds. Pour it, the salt, and the gelatin into a large bowl. Mix together while slowly adding flour. Refrigerate.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 95-96

Day 95 is me and my friends eating.
Sorry it's blurry it's all I had.

Day 96 is me on a plane.
Well there is the plane I was on when I was 2. I can remember my sippy cup squirting the guy behind us because we didn't open it up until we were in the air and my uncle searching for me a Happy Meal because that is all I wanted to eat. I can't remember the actual vacation at all.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 91-94

Day 91 is me wearing my favorite color.

Day 92 is me and my friends playing a game.
So I have no idea who these people are now, but I'm sure they were my friends back then.

Day 93 is my school.
Missouri Southern State University

Day 94 is my favorite board game.

Balloon Rockets

 We painted with animal feet.

So pretty.

We played with shaving cream and water beads. 

 I taped a string up. I taped a ballon to a straw and threaded the straw onto the string. I would blow it up and he would let it go.

We also took a trip to the park where he fell in a mud puddle.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bombs Away

These were the sun catchers we made earlier this week. Place cookie cutters on a sheet of wax paper. Fill each one with glue. Add a drop of paint and mix with a toothpick. When they are dry cut them out.

We made a tambourine. Bo colored two paper plates. I dumped in some beans and stapled them closed. It made plenty of noise.

Next we made water balloon yoyos, but they hit the ground before I got pictures. Just fill up a water balloon and tie on a rubber band.

 While Bo napped I made some sponge bombs. I cut up 3 sponges into 4 long strips for the big ones and 2 sponges into 5 short strips. I made 2 rows of sponges, pinched them in the middle and added a rubber band to the middle. They fanned out into a ball and were ready for play.

 Drew hit me two or three times.

 Bo liked the big ones.

 He tried to hit Drew.
Both boys enjoyed them and I can use them again next summer.

Bo played with his box at the end of the day like usual.

Day 90

Day 90 is me in a hotel.
Ok so I think it was technically a condo, but it was the closest I had.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Angry Birds

Before it got hot or rainy we painted with bubbles.
I put some food coloring in some bubbles and Bo blew them at the paper. 

 Next we made cupcakes.

He was in charge of sprinkles and used an entire bottle. He loves the sprinkles.

 I made a homemade angry birds game.

 I made some beanbags. They have tails by the way.

 The pigs were painted soup cans.

 Bo played for well over an hour.

He loves his angry birds.

I put shaving cream on the counter with some cars. He did that for maybe thirty minutes.

When he was done he played with his pirate box while I cleaned up.

Day 89

Day 89 is my dream car.
I would love a red Jeep Wrangler soft top.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 88

Day 88 is someone I've grown up with.
That would have to be my brother. We have worked on some of the world's "greatest" ideas, made some of the "coolest" clubs, and gone on the "wildest" adventures together. I feel weird when we're separated during things that we normally do together. I'm not looking forward to him going to Rolla for college. Who will lick me, poke my ears, pull my tail, crop dust me, and pick me up and run around refusing to put me down?

Pirate Swag

 I brought some PVC pipe and connecters for him to build with.

He had a blast building guns and "bammers".

We made glue sun catchers, but they aren't dry yet. I will add them in here when they dry.

 I filled water balloons and tied them to the deck.

 He hit them with a stick off a broken toy golf club.

Eventually though he decided to just squeeze them because they exploded faster and got him wet.

 This week I made a pirate box. It is my favorite box so far. The base was black beans. I added some giant money I found at the Dollar Tree, along with some beads and half marbles from there too. The map was a print out from last summer pirate box.

 Now here is my favorite part. I found this at Joanne's for 50 cents. I painted it black and added the X. I filled it with half marbles and buried it in the beans.

 He really liked the map.

Pirate swag.

He played for half an hour before Daddy came home. He wasn't finished so I allowed him to keep playing as long as he put it away when he was done, which he did. 

I would also like to brag on him for a minute. He is now able to dress and undress himself without help, unless there are buttons. We have worked on it three days a week for the last month and yesterday was the very first time he didn't need any assistance. He also puts his dirty clothes in the laundry room. He picks up his activities and takes them to my box downstairs or to my backpack without having to be told.