Monday, August 5, 2013

Rainy Day/Indoor Activities

Gus is such a good puppy. Bo laid on his head while watching TV and Gus didn't move until Bo got up. Gus is so patient with Bo.

 This was some bathtub paint. I mixed 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with a squirt of body wash, a little water, and food coloring in each cup. It went a long way even though he spilled half of it in the tub.

 Bo spent a good amount of time painting.

This was my message to him. His favorite number is 5 by the way, so it would be like telling him he's my number 1. He read it to me over and over.

 I used empty 20 oz. bottles decorated with duct tape and filled with water to make a bowling game.

I played with him for half an hour then went and made lunch while he continued to play. He showed me every shape he made and every time he knocked them all down. I went back and forth a ton, but he was so proud of himself I couldn't tell him no.

 He has his hands in Fluffy Stuff. I dumped in some cornstarch and mixed in shaving cream until I thought it felt good. Really scientific I know.

As always he played with the box for this week as I cleaned up.

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