Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pirate Swag

 I brought some PVC pipe and connecters for him to build with.

He had a blast building guns and "bammers".

We made glue sun catchers, but they aren't dry yet. I will add them in here when they dry.

 I filled water balloons and tied them to the deck.

 He hit them with a stick off a broken toy golf club.

Eventually though he decided to just squeeze them because they exploded faster and got him wet.

 This week I made a pirate box. It is my favorite box so far. The base was black beans. I added some giant money I found at the Dollar Tree, along with some beads and half marbles from there too. The map was a print out from last summer pirate box.

 Now here is my favorite part. I found this at Joanne's for 50 cents. I painted it black and added the X. I filled it with half marbles and buried it in the beans.

 He really liked the map.

Pirate swag.

He played for half an hour before Daddy came home. He wasn't finished so I allowed him to keep playing as long as he put it away when he was done, which he did. 

I would also like to brag on him for a minute. He is now able to dress and undress himself without help, unless there are buttons. We have worked on it three days a week for the last month and yesterday was the very first time he didn't need any assistance. He also puts his dirty clothes in the laundry room. He picks up his activities and takes them to my box downstairs or to my backpack without having to be told. 

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