Saturday, July 23, 2016

Farmer Boy Week 3

Sorry this post is so late going up. The week after this I got mono. It wiped me out for two weeks. I babysat for the first one, but we did nothing related to the book and no real activities. The second week I stayed in bed. Anyways I'm feeling much better and will be back to babysitting this week.

This was Amelia's box first. The base is coffee grounds. The "lake" is blue half marbles and the people came from a Wild West Toob.

Bo had a swamp, per his request. The base is water, green food coloring, and water beads. I added some aquarium plants, part of a River Toob and an alligator.

We of course did bags and boxes. They got a special treat of real life Angry Birds.

They were bums all day and it was hot so we played balloons downstairs.

Bo worked on his page.

All done!

Bo and I dyed some strips of cloth with Kool-Aid. It actually worked much better than I thought it would. 

Wednesday we did bags and boxes as usual.

We also attempted rock candy. Despite dumping tons of sugar into the water, the crystals never formed.

Thursday we didn't have a book related activity, but we did bags and boxes.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Farmer Boy Week 2

So this week was really short. We only had 2 days.
After I got out of school, the kids did bags and boxes. This week, they just switched boxes.

Tuesday, we read the chapter about the teacher whipping the big boys. After we read, I showed Bo and Amelia my whip and cracked it a few times for them.  They were super impressed and I was just happy that I didn't whip myself with it. 

Thursday they did bags and boxes. 

I blew up some balloons and we bopped those around for a bit.

After reading, Bo and I wove a pot holder. 

This was his page for our week.