Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work Zone Up Ahead

Today our theme was construction vehicles. 

Last night I folded a plastic drop cloth in half and taped all of the edges, except a hole for us to go in and one for the fan. Then I taped one hole around the fan and turned it on. The bubble blew up and we climbed in.

Here's Bo in the bubble.

 He kept saying, "I love my bubble!"

Since it was construction day we had some trucks in there with us.

And of course I couldn't let him have all the fun,

Next we made a dump truck out out of an egg carton. I found the instructions online.

The sensory box was simply rocks and trucks, but he was entertained for a good 30 minutes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ABC and Under the Sea 3

I had planned on today being ABC, but since we were rather contrary yesterday the ocean theme ran over.

I cut a paper plate in half and had him paint the outside of both halves purple.

After it dried I used blue streamers to make tentacles. I taped 3 to the inside of each plate then taped/glued both sides together.

 We colored a bit more on his shirt today.

 Today's sensory box was magnetic letters in soap.

He loved it.

I set out a stainer so that he could take the letters out. After he got them all out he poured them in again. He did that about 5 times.

 He kept saying it felt squishy.

 Next I added some water to the soap.

 Then he "washed" his feet.
When he was done playing he helped me wash the car.

 This is the beginning of a paper sack whale check back next week to see the finished product.

He is showing off his spider tattoo he wanted on his belly.  

Under the Sea 2

This is the beginning of the aquarium plate. He painted two plates. I cut a hole out of the middle of one.

I found a wooden fish in the craft box, and some aquarium rocks in the aquarium. I let him glue everything down, then I taped plastic wrap over the hole and and glued/taped the two plates together. Then I let him add stickers. He was super excited about his aquarium.

 We attempted the redneck water bed, but we had problems so we taped and filled a trash bag for Bo to  play on while we got the other one up and ready.

I taped two drop clothes together then folded them in half and taped all but a little hose hole.
I was afraid it might pop so I put a tarp down. The first time as it was filling it rolled away. Oops.
That was when we made the trash bag one for Bo.
We started over and taped it down this time :D!

It worked great until someone put their little fingers in it, 

but Grant fixed it.

Bo did a lot of jumping.

 Then the big kids got in on the fun.

It lasted longer than I thought it would, but also took way more work than I thought. It was worth it, but might I suggest you start taping before 10:30 pm and have help.

Lava Lamps, Pudding Fights and Chocolate Soup

I filled 2 Figi water bottles with half water and half veggie oil. Then I let each kid choose what color they wanted.

 Grace wanted purple so I just mixed red and blue food coloring.

 And Mr. Beckham wanted blue.

Then I let each of them put in and Alkaseltzer tablet. 

You had to break the tablets up to get them in the hole. 

Beckham's did really well.

 Gracie's not so much. I suggest using a lighter color.

 Then we had a pudding fight. 

I made two packs of vanilla (so not to stain) the night before.

It was in the fridge until the fight so it was cold.

I think there were 6 cups of pudding total.

After this shot I got in on the fun.

Everyone was covered in pudding.

After a bath and rinsing off the basketball court we made chocolate soup, which you might have heard me mention in my other post.

 I just make hot cocoa in a bowl 

 and we use straws to drink it.

It was hit and an awesome thing to do before bed.