Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fireworks and more igloo

Today we did Fourth of July stuff since I won't have the boys for the next two weeks :(
 I added some glitter to paint and let Bo and Drew throw Koosh balls at black paper.

It looked like fireworks.

Next we made chocolate frogs like Harry Potter (Drew and I are both Potterheads). The turtles were just on the same mold.

 Bo really liked his turtle.

 Today's box had blue rice, white feathers, and red, white and blue toys.

He played with it, while Drew and I finished the igloo.

Two hours later...

It was awesome.

Tweet Tweet

Today's box was birds.

I filled the box with bird seed. I found a couple bird nests, one even had eggs, and added them too. Then I stole a bird from the cats that tweeted.

After a swim, I cut a noodle in half and cut flaps on a shoe box and we rolled marbles down the stairs for a LONG time.

Dishes and an igloo

First we painted in a bag.

It turned out cute and there was no bath needed.

The sensory box was a sink of soapy water, dishes, and scrubbies.

He absolutely loved it.

While he napped Drew and I started the milk jug igloo.

We got two layers in two hours.

Fishy, Fishy

So today we were going to have a fish day and go buy a fish, but my mom took the keys with her. So I will get one this weekend.

 Here was the first craft. It was pretty straight forward.

Then we made a handprint back to school calendar.

We started in August with the sun and ended in July with the flag.


Sunday, June 24, 2012


I stayed up until 12:30 making dinosaur eggs. I put a little dino in a balloon and blew the balloon up until I thought it was a good sized dino egg. Then I paper mached it. The next morning when everything was dry (blow dried them for 30 minutes each and left a fan on them all night) I cut the tips off the ballons.

 I hid them in the garden for Bo to find.

 Do you see the dino eggs?

 Found one!

Found another!

Next he began "banging" them with his hammer.

When it hatched there was a baby dino inside.

Long project for me, but well worth it.

The sensory box was cloud dough, an aquarium rock, an aquarium plant and baby dinos.

 He was VERY excited!

 Then when the dinos got old he took everything out and had me bury his feet over and over.

I found a dino template online so I printed it out and painted it black. When it was dry I cut out the middle and laid the black side down on some contact paper. Then I had Bo put tissue paper on it. 

It turned out super cute.

 I also found this dino template online, so I printed it too. I had Bo paint it green. Once it dried I cut it out and glued it on another piece of paper and Bo make spikes with his hands. The final touch was naming it Boceritops.