Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Activities

Here's another one I never posted.

I brought a little tree and decorations for the kids to use. Amelia decorated and undecorated repeatedly.

We ate Whoville cookies, while watching the Grinch.
Then of course we made Grinch dust to sprinkle in the yard to keep the Grinch from ruining Christmas. Mix green food coloring and sugar in a ziplock. The kids put in the dye and shook it up.

Bo and I built Legos. He was impressed by my tree.

We didn't have any real snow, so instead we took this snowball fight indoors. We crumples up white paper and built pillow forts. As you can tell by Amelia's face things were intense.

Bo had a Christmas coloring book.

Amelia played with her Christmas box.

Then we switched gears and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I gave the kids some green play dough, tree cookie cutters, and some beads.

They made oh so beautiful Christmas trees.

Amelia's box was torn wrapping paper, bows, and some festive stuffed animals.

Bo's was oatmeal and a duck nativity.

Bo helped me make a Christmas countdown chain. (He is singing Shrek's 12 Days of Christmas and is at "FIIIIVE onion rings")

We watched Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

My college hosts a Christmas event called Southern Lights. I promised to take both kids, but Amelia was not feeling well. So Bo and I went. We decorated and ate cookies.

We got some Christmas beads.

We took a carriage ride.

There was a photo booth where they made your picture into a snow globe. We had an absolute blast together. Nobody in this world can jam to Shrek Christmas carols like we did in the car.  
The kiddos wrote letters to Santa.

We dropped them off at Macy's.

I made a Christmas I-Spy bottle. I late disassembled it because the fake snow didn't work well in it. I used a package of Christmas erasers from the Dollar Tree for the items.

I also made some Christmas play dough. It smelled like gingerbread.

Amelia liked a snowman magnet set that I picked up on sale the year before.