Sunday, November 17, 2013

Boys, Boys, Boys, and More Boys

I watched four boys yesterday. Beckham (5), Griffin (4), Paxton (2), and Jack (1)
 The three oldest played with Cookie Monster for 2 or three hours.

When Jack woke up we went outside and played in the leaves.

Griffin loved throwing them on people.

Paxton just chillin'
 Beckham climbed the tree,

so of course Griffin had to too.

We got the bikes and bubbles out too.

When it got dark we went inside for dinner. We then headed to the bathtub. I got everybody in and added cars, critters, and shaving cream. They had a blast. When they were tired of that I fill up the tub for the actual bath. Once Jack was clean I threw in some glow sticks and turned off the light. Beckham told me that he had fun and nobody was ready for bed. When I left though, they were sleeping like rocks.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Last night Bo, Drew, and I hung out.

Bo made some adorable Thanksgiving pot holders for his momma.

He played with this fall sensory box while watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I found all of this at the Dollar Tree. 

He played with the orange play dough I made last time I babysat him. He LOVES feeding Cookie Monster!