Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lava Lamps, Pudding Fights and Chocolate Soup

I filled 2 Figi water bottles with half water and half veggie oil. Then I let each kid choose what color they wanted.

 Grace wanted purple so I just mixed red and blue food coloring.

 And Mr. Beckham wanted blue.

Then I let each of them put in and Alkaseltzer tablet. 

You had to break the tablets up to get them in the hole. 

Beckham's did really well.

 Gracie's not so much. I suggest using a lighter color.

 Then we had a pudding fight. 

I made two packs of vanilla (so not to stain) the night before.

It was in the fridge until the fight so it was cold.

I think there were 6 cups of pudding total.

After this shot I got in on the fun.

Everyone was covered in pudding.

After a bath and rinsing off the basketball court we made chocolate soup, which you might have heard me mention in my other post.

 I just make hot cocoa in a bowl 

 and we use straws to drink it.

It was hit and an awesome thing to do before bed.

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