Monday, August 5, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

So this was the foam pit from last year.
I bought pool noodles from the Dollar Tree and cut them up into pieces. Bo loved jumping into them.

 When it started raining I got him outside as fast as I could to play in the rain.

I had some sunbrero hats in my car and he LOVED them.

 We made a fire breathing dragon cup.

He continuously breathed fire on me while I made lunch.

I took the pool back outside and filled it with sand.

 The box was the beach. The base was sand. I then added some cocktail umbrellas and shells.

He loved it because it was messy I think.

This was the VBS picture. From left to right. Bo is making a silly face. Grif is holding his crotch and looking away. Paxton looked at the camera and smiled. Owen looks almost like he is going to cry. Daniel is looking away. So we might as well just taken a picture of Paxton.

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