Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 83

Day 83 is someone I love asleep.
 Ok so that would be my brother, but he sleeps anywhere so I couldn't pick just one.

 At HIS birthday party.

 In the swing.

 On my bed.

 On the tile floor while eating.

 While reading to my mom.

 Like a football player.

 In the bathtub.

 In the living room.

 In the shower with cold water hitting him.

 After a karate tournament.

Before lunch at karate camp.

On the couch.

He has also slept on the asphalt driveway in the middle of summer. He fell asleep while the neighbor was serving dinner. In his plate I might add. She was concerned that he didn't like dinner and offered to make him a grilled cheese instead. We used to take a picture of him asleep with the desert at holiday family gatherings. I just don't have all of those pics on my computer, but there are a ton.

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