Friday, May 31, 2013

Harry Potter and Dinosaurs

We went on an early morning color hunt. I painted an egg carton with various colors and Bo had to find something that was the same color.

 I just put a dot of paint in most of them. Some required mixing because I didn't have that color.

Of course everything he found was a car.

Before lunch we made some chocolate frogs and turtles. This was chosen because Drew is a Potterhead like me. I used Almond bark and a soap mold.

By the time I left there were only turtles left.

While Bo took a nap Drew and I watched the 8th movie and made wands.

 We made designs on a dowel rod with hot glue. Then we painted it and glued a half marble to the end.

 This was mine.

This one is Drew's. Of course once they were dry we had to test them out by dueling.

When we got home from swim lessons Drew and I filled balloons with cornstarch, water and food coloring. 

 Next we threw them on the driveway.

Once it dried it look like splattered sidewalk chalk.

After getting cleaned up  Drew helped me make some salt dough. It is 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour and water until it feels like playdo. Then bake it at 275 for 2-3 hours. Make sure to leave room for expansion on the cookie sheet.

They made hand prints, dinosaur tracks, pizza, a cross, and even a bowl. I didn't expect Drew to want to do anything that I had planned for Bo, but he seemed to really get into everything.

These were the final outcome.

Now that I now I will be having the older boys I went ahead and started making the books I was going to make.

I used a folder with brads and one without. I turned the inside folder without brads pockets out that way I had three sections. I then hole punched the folded side and put it into the folder with brads.

I wrote an introduction which is more readable below.

The first activity with me was making wands.

 Here is a more readable picture.
I downloaded the Harry Potter fonts off Mugglenet.

 I labeled each section.

 His by yourself activity was a crossword that I made online.

Here are those two pages and and answer key that are more readable.

He didn't get the answer key, but once he does it I will give it to him.

 Then I labeled that section.

The last section doesn't have anything in it yet. It will have stuff that I think they would enjoy, but that I can't do with them because of time or that I don't have the skills needed.

Feel free to screen shot any of the pages and use them for yourself.

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