Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 2

Happy Mother's Day! I didn't get anything on my bucket list done today because I was hanging out with my mom and preparing my babysitting stuff. I'm so excited to start watching Mr. Bo tomorrow. I have been planning since September. There will more on that tomorrow. Here is my day 2 picture for the Facebook challenge:
This is my little brother, Grant. I have been the closest to him longer than anybody else. We have our fights, but we get along most of the time. We both do karate and love being active outdoors. I love him to pieces... most of the time.

I wrote this poem about him for my English class this year.

Why do you pick, pester and poke?
You make me wish I had an invisibility cloak
I loved you to pieces when you were 2 or 3
But now that you’re bigger I like you best when you are asleep

I ask you daily to stop touching my pony tail
When it comes to listening you are an epic fail
How hard is it to keep your hands to yourself?
So don’t whine when I hit you after I tried to be nice

Believe it or not you’re not always right
When I’m around you I’m always uptight
I love you but you are a pain in the butt
PLEASE stop acting like a 16-year-old boy

If you have any ideas of what I can add to my bucket list please comment below.

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