Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Winter TIme...Well in the sink and sensory box it is

This year we are doing a messy activity, craft, and another non-messy activity every day. Each week we will cook and have a sensory box. I have been planning since August or September last year, so I have tons of fun stuff to do with Bo this year.
We started our day by making t-shirts.
We put a piece of paper with drops of paint on it into the salad spinner.

This is the "I'm ready to paint" face.

He had to put his leg on top of it while he spun it  LOL.

Then I pressed the paper onto the shirt. This is my shirt.

This is Bo's shirt. Both were designed by Bo.

The papers we used turned out pretty too, so we kept them.

Then he jumped on the trampoline.

After lunch, a nap, and a swim lesson we made lava lamps.

 I filled it half with water and blue food coloring and half with vegetable oil. Don't use too much food coloring or it doesn't look as cool.

 Next we threw in an Alkaseltzer tablet. He kept calling it rocket fuel.

 Then we did the easiest yet one of the most fun things in the book. I fill a sink with water, soap, ice, plastic dishes, some animals, and sponges (More things just seemed to keep finding their way to the sink).

The sponges were icebergs, boats and here it was a dinosaur mouth. 

We also did a small-world-play sensory box.

 The base was fake snow I found at a garage sale. I added some arctic animals, caps off starch and laundry soap and scoops out of...well I actually don't know. Instead of doing a new box every day like last year we are doing one box a week.

Please let me know what you think in a comment below.

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