Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Messy Ninjas

First thing in the morning (because it looked like rain) I made sidewalk paint. 
It is 1 part water, 1 part cornstarch, and a drop of food coloring. It looks lame at first, but once it dries it is cool.

Again because it looked like rain I tried to get the outdoor activities done, so we went and covered Bo and the trampoline in shaving cream.
 Drew lathered him up from head to toe.

It is maybe the best kid activity ever. Heck if the trampoline were bigger I would have played.

This week the box is a construction box.
The base is black beans that I had from last year. I soaked them in alcohol to prevent bugs. Then I had some trucks in my stash that I threw in. It was simple, which was good because time wasn't on my side.

Bo and Drew played in it for awhile. The trucks spent more time on the table than in the box, but Bo seemed to love it.

Bo tells me that he is a ninja. He has even karate chopped the dog. I made him a ninja training course.
I used masking tape and streamers. It worked really well and he was able to karate chop them down when he was done.

Ninja in training!

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