Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Today's activity was making a nature jar.
We went walking around the yard and I told him that if it were on the ground and fit in his jar then he could keep it.

He had multiple rocks, dandelions, and a dime.

Next we (read I) made cookies. I spent 2 hours. He was done in 30 minutes. He did the sprinkles, some of the icing, picking out cookie cutters, and mixing. They were delicious and he was very proud.

 After a swim lesson and a nap we played in some cloud dough.

 It was left over from last year.

To make it use a cup of baby oil for every 8 cups of flour and kneed. (Veggie oil can be used if everything still goes in their mouth.)

It packs like sand, but is soft enough for a bed!

To finish up we made some maracas. We filled an easter egg half with dry beans then duct taped it between 2 spoons. Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I do have this video. He was singing, "Morgan is the best." That kind of thing is why I love babysitting.

He also requested that we "do Spanish".  I have taken four years of Spanish so that announcement got me excited. Next week I'm going to try and squeeze in some Spanish time everyday.

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