Monday, July 16, 2012

Arrr Matey

Today the theme was pirates!

We started with at treasure hunt. I ran a string through the house.

 At the end there was a hidden treasure!

It was a giant pirate coloring book with stickers I found at the dollar store (I was very excited when I saw it).

Then we stripped down and painted our telescope.

 I used a plate of red paint and a fly swatter.

When it was dry I rolled it up and taped it.

Then to remove the red paint from his belly we took a bath. I had made ice cube pirate ships. Just a tip to get the sails to stand up I taped them to the walls and boxes in the freezer.

They melted quickly but...

it was ok because then we turned the water green with Tub Tints and got different boats.

 Our sensory box was black beans, beads, and some little foam blocks. To make it more piratey I added a map, an X, a boat and a pirate.

He loves finding treasures! 

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