Monday, July 1, 2013

Simple and Loud

Early in the morning before it got hot we went outside where Bo painted the house/sidewalk/driveway/rocks/car/mulch with water.

It was super easy and entertained him for a good 30 minutes.

We went back inside and made a Chinese drum.

To make it take 2 paper plates and staple them together. Use a hole punch to make 2 holes opposite each other. Use a popsicle stick and some hot glue to make a handle. Cut 2 pieces of string long enough to reach past the center of the plates. Tie three beads on one end of each string and attach the other to the holes. Add some color for decoration and twist!

Our box this week is a garden. I found some grass in the floral section of the Dollar Tree along with some birds.
 The nest is the one that Bo made last week as a craft.

 Everything else is left over from last year. The bugs were from me when I was little, the flowers were from the dollar store, and the watering can came from there too.

Bo really liked the birds.

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