Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slipin' and Slidin' Sort of

We went to the park early in the morning before the heat and played monster frisbee. 
Bo can throw that giant frisbee like nobody's business.

Next we colored on the windows with dry erase markers.

I took Bo outside to slip n slide with some shaving cream.

 Jacob joined in to and since Bo didn't understand how to slip n slide his good big brother helped him out.

 Then Drew got back from kayaking and joined in too.

 I just loved Bo's face in this one.

 This is what Bo spent most of his time doing.

Drew also covered himself in shaving cream with Jacob's assistance.

 Bo's box was candy themed. I dumped a bag of pom poms in and added some ice cream bowls and spoons from the dollar store.

He loved it.

FYI I found the slip n slide at Target in the very back in the clearance stuff for $3.35.

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