Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rock Candy in Outer Space

We started our morning by making some rock candy (which I checked today and there was nothing on the strings so apparently you need to use more than 2 parts sugar for every 1 part water).
He pour in the sugar and the water and mixed it all up. Next I turned on the heat and added more sugar and stirred until it was a rolling boil.

Finally I ladled it into jars and added the strings. Bo put in some food coloring and I set them in the window. I'm going to try and add more sugar and reheat it tomorrow to see if it will work. 

Next we played Legos. Bo just connected all the cars. I built a big tower, which he later played with.
 My humongous tower.

Bo is looking for more car Legos.

Every day we read for 15 or so minutes before nap time.
 Gus decided to join us.

 My lap was full!

Poor Gus was sleepy too.

After swim lessons Bo painted with marbles.
 I put a piece of paper, paint, and marbles on a plastic tray. Next I covered it in plastic wrap and taped it down.
Then Bo shook until his little heart was content. 

Before he woke up in the morning I cooked some spaghetti, put it in a plastic bag, added some olive oil and red food coloring, and stuck it in the fridge.
I later dumped it in the pool. He hated it. He was dry heaving. So that didn't last long.

The sensory box this week was a space box. The base was cloud dough (1part baby or vegetable oil for every 8 parts flour). I found a space Toob at JoAnne's and used my 50% off coupon. 

Bo's favorite part was the rover.

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