Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Everything is a Cirlce

So until I looked at the pictures I didn't notice, but everything was a circle. We played monster frisbee.
Bo is better than me at it. His throws went far and I caught quite a few of them. Mine were all over the place.

Using a peanut butter jar we made a dinosaur snow globe.
I hot glued 2 dinos to the inside of the lid. Bo added glitter and water. Next I glued the lid closed. I was done, but he thought it needed a dino on top too.

For a tasty treat we made Oreo balls.
Use a food processor to grind the Oreos. Then dump a some out into a bowl so that you can roll the balls in it. Then add cream cheese. and blend it up. I rolled them into balls and Bo rolled them in the crumbs and put them on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. I put them in the fridge and in an hour they were ready to eat. We only made a third of a batch. A whole batch is an entire package of Oreos and an entire block of cream cheese. We got 9 and most of ours were big, so an entire batch is a ton of Oreo balls.

While I cleaned up Bo played with his box.

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