Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 22-24

Day 22 is something I never leave the house without.
I never leave without an extra pony tail holder. For at least the last 6 years my friends have pulled out or at least tried to pull out my hair, so now I keep an extra with me in case they catch me by surprise.

Day 23 is my favorite book.
Who would have guess?

Day 24 is someone I miss.
I miss Uncle Orville. He had a heart attack when I was in third grade. He was an amazing cook and a wonderful person. He made the best chicken and dumplings in the world. My mom says that she has his recipe, but they aren't the same. I remember singing "You are my Sunshine" with him in the kitchen and singing along with his fish, which now hangs on my wall and sings. He was fun to play with. I wish that the doctors wouldn't have put him in the hot tub to "cure" his Staff infection, so that I could remember more of him without a wheel chair or just more of him period.

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