Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 31-39

Day 31 is food I made.
I can't cook, so this is as close as I could find for food I made. Yes I make chocolate frogs like Harry Potter.

Day 32 is what I did today.
I played monster frisbee with Bo.

Day 33 is somewhere I went today.
I went to Bo's house.

Day 34 is my favorite morning.
I hate mornings with a passion, but the best mornings are the ones on the the beach.

Day 35 is hometown.
Joplin, Missouri

Day 36 is my pet(s).


 Jake (25 pounds in case you're wondering)

 Dootie Head (it was Dewy, but Dootie Head is more appropriate)

 TInker Bob (He was Tinker Bell until I discovered that he was actually a boy)

 Oreo (isn't he friendly)

Pee Pants

Day 37 is a picture at school.
Not my boyfriend, just a friend

Day 38 is my favorite drink.

Day 39 is my favorite food.
Peel and eat shrimp is the bomb!

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