Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

Ok so this is a really late post, but I thought is was still worth posting. One of my mom's friends hosted  Kid's Craft Day. I decided to take Bo with me since I was too old to do the crafts. We made 5 different ornaments and got one in a goodie bag. There were 10-15 kids, mom's, 3 tables, and supplies packed into the living room. It was crowded, but it was really fun and I hope to take Bo again next year. Some of the crafts required lots of adult assistance, but I think that is because Bo was the youngest. He was 3 and the other kids were probably 5 and up.

Each child got to pick out a crocheted snow flake (yes she made each one and there were 5 options). Then the kids got to paint each one with modpodge, then cover it with glitter. 
Then they flipped them over and did the same to the other side.
The big people then put a decorate hook on the top and helped the kids hang them up on a sting on the front porch. When they dried they were stiff and misshapen, but they were able to be reshaped easily enough. Bo was able to do this one with very little help.

 All of the pieces were already cut out. She used glittery felt for the main part and regular white felt for the top.  She had also printed every child's name on transfer paper and put it on the white top. The kids glued a piece of cardboard to the white to make it stiffer. Then the other side of the cardboard was glued to the red. Next a string was put through the hole at the top and stickers were used to decorate the red. This was also simple enough that Bo could do most of it himself.

This was by far my favorite craft of the day. The kids put floor polish into the bulb and swished it around then poured it out. Next they poured in lots of brown glitter. They put their finger over the top and shook it up until it covered the inside and poured out the extra. The grown ups then helped put the top on the ornament. The kids then used glue dots to attach the eyes and nose. Finally a gold pipe cleaner was wrapped around the top for antlers and a red one was strung through the loop on the top so that it could hang on the tree.  Bo's favorite part was pouring  out the glitter because he could make fart noises because it was "reindeer poop." He needed a lot of help, but he did pretty good.

 This craft was a little above what he could do. These were strips of heavy decorative paper with a hole punched at both ends. The string also had a hole at both ends. The adults lined up all the wholes on the top of the papers and both holes in the string then stuck a brad through it. The same minus the string was done at the bottom. The ideas was to separate the paper and make a ball. Bo did really well for his age I thought.

This was another favorite of mine. Each kid was given a styrofoam ball and a sheet of air-dry clay. They were then to wrap the clay around the ball. The hard part was getting all the bubbles out so it wouldn't crack when it dried, this was a job for the adults. The kids then put tacky glue on the eyes and beads for the mouth and pushed them into the clay. Next they rolled the orange clay into a nose and pushed that into the white. A strip fluffy fabric was glued to the bottom of the  ball as a scarf. A pipe cleaner was pushed into the foam ball and pom poms were glued where the ears should be for ear muffs. The finishing piece was a pipe cleaner loop pushed into the ball as a hanger. Bo needed a lot of help, but he did carry it home in his lap.

This was the ornament we received in the goodie bag. The sled appeared to be made by glueing mini candy canes to a fun sized Hersey's bar. She said that wooden men were just from her stash of Christmas ornaments, but I'm sure something similar could be found at the store.

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