Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade Playdo and Chocolate Soup

I watched 5 kids the day after Christmas. I knew that I was going to have to take something that everyone from the 6 year old girl to the 1 year old boy would enjoy. My decision was playdo. The only thing was that I needed A LOT of playdo, so I decided to make some. I found a recipe on Pinterest and doubled it. I made it green so that it wasn't too girly or too boyish. I attempted to make it lavender scented, but that didn't work too well. The playdo just smelled like playdo not lavender. I don't have any pictures of the kids playing with the playdo because I was trying to feed the baby while they played. 

It was then requested that I make Chocolate Soup. I used 3 packs of hot chocolate for 4 kids and they sucked the bowls dry.

While the big kids had chocolate soup the baby decided to find all the playdo crumbs on the floor!

Then I pulled out the Color Wonder. The boys tried to color each other and got upset when it didn't work. LOL! Grace made me a unicorn and a picture of the two of us that I hung up in my room.

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