Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Play Hard Sleep Hard

 On Monday we made some red-eyed tree frogs out of paper plates.

Since I am raising two baby birds, we had to go to Atwoods and get some food. Bo decided to organize ALL FOUR sides of the animal shelf and Sis kept rearranging them.

This is Bo's pond box. The base is green water. I put in lizards, frogs, foam lilly pads, duck, aquarium plants, bugs, turtles, snakes, and a hippo. 

 I made Amelia a rainbow spaghetti box.

I cook the spaghetti then put some of it in a bag with veggie oil and food coloring.

Bo liked it when the animals ate each other.

Sissy was hesitant at first, but dug right in.

On Tuesday we made jello worms, but they were difficult to make and didn't come out right. Pinterest Fail!

Bo played with his box again.

Sissy was way more interested her box than on Monday.

Bo wanted me to take this picture.

I must of worn these kiddos out.

On Wednesday we did chalk, bubbles, scooters, and soccer.

The kids and I were exhausted.

This is some ice cream dough. To make it put a Kool-Aid packet and some water in the mixer. Add baking soda until it firms up.

Once again they had a blast with their boxes.

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