Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I know I haven't posted in quiet awhile, but my life has been pretty crazy lately. I've started watching the kids after school Monday thru Thursday. I have some pictures of stuff we have been doing. We eat lunch and read three books. Then Amelia goes to sleep. Bo either does busy bags, puzzles, coloring, iPad, or naps while I do homework. Basically I give him simple independent activities to do while I do homework. He usually sits at the table with me and is very quiet because he's an awesome kid like that. If I don't have too much homework and it's nice we head outside or to the park.

Next order of business is summer 2015. I have got BIG plans. Bo requested a summer camp so that's what we're going to do. I will give you guys the same hints I've given Bo:
     1. It is called BAM camp. 
     2. Each week has a theme and accompanying songs and activities. 
     3. We will be outside a ton!

 We had cinnamon scented play dough.

 Glow sticks in the bath tub

 PVC pip building

Bo drew a picture to go with a poem he learned at school. It was adorable.

I got an iPhone 6 and Jacob wanted to play with slow-mo.

 Dry erase on a shower curtain

 Valentines day cookie cutters to go with our play dough. We also had heart shaped sandwiches that day.

 We LOVE play dough.

 A new favorite is bathtub crayons.

 Bo and I did this one day while Amelia napped. It is all magnetic so we can do it again. The set came in a metal box and had several different plastic pages. Essential it's a magnetic color by number.

 Bo loves Color Wonder. I like it because it will only color on the Color Wonder paper.

 One day I brought chalk boards. Bo actually did a little reading with it. I would write a word like dog or mom and he would sound it out. 

 This funny kid likes to wear my keys and sunglasses while sitting in the front seat waiting to get Bo from school.

One day I had a lot of homework so we just went outside for a little while. We probably sang this song and danced around the driveway for an hour or more. Bo came up with it all on his own.

 It was beautiful last week, so we spent the day at the park and went walking in the woods near my old house.

Today is Spring Break and we had all day. It was warm enough to be out, so we went to Wildcat Park. First we visited the Nature Center and rode a frog. Then we walked the short loop (Amelia did surprising well. She walked the whole thing.). Then we had a picnic and headed home. We spent close to 4 hours there. It is one of Bo's favorite "adventures".

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