Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BAM Camp- Camping

Tuesday was the first day of BAM Camp and it was a hit! This week's theme was camping. 

I made a video using a green screen to put me in the woods. I announced what we would be doing each day, how the bead system worked, the Spanish words, and what BAM camp was (B-Bo A-Amelia M-Morgan). Then I had three songs, The Campfire Song Song, Quíen es Rey (Who's the King), and I Married a Marshmallow. Each week we will have a song in Spanish, a funny song, and one related to our theme. Our Spanish words were familia- family, fuego- fire, árbol- tree, verano- summer, and bosque- forest. I showed the video after breakfast on Tuesday.

These bags are for the kids to carry when we go on adventures (field trips). When we aren't on a adventure they hold toys and activities for them to do while I get lunch ready or clean up.

Here's Bo's adventure contents. 

This is Amelia's.

Bo's shirt and name tag.


I used my Cricut to make the shirts with iron-on vinyl. They turned out way better than I thought.

Tuesday we sat up a tent on the deck.

We went "camping" for most of the morning.

We went on a "hike".

Bo was hunting for wooly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers.

Then we found the trampoline and had to play on it.

I got lunch together while they played with their bags.

Bo's camping box. Easter grass base, pan with water for our lake, card stock tents, parts of a River Toob, North American Wildlife Toob, and a Tree Toob.

This box was a special request that Bo made last summer.

Amelia's box was insects. The base is some grassy stuff I found at the Dollar Tree, the bugs I already had from previous boxes. I did have to take the spiders out because they were scary.

Wednesday we painted. Amelia used marshmallows.

Bo made a campfire.

While they dried we did our boxes.



Thursday morning it rained, so I drug the tent into the living room. Bo turned off all the lights and we had some cereal and a show.

After breakfast we made s'mores on a stick. To make them crush some graham crackers. Melt some chocolate. Stab the marshmallows with sticks. Dip them into the chocolate and sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs. Set them on some parchment paper to dry. They were so easy even Amelia helped.

And licked the spoon.

Still raining so we had a picnic in the tent.

Finally the rain stopped so we headed outside to play in the puddles.

We wound up with mud tattoos and then a mud fight.

After a quick bath and change of clothes we did the boxes for the last time.

This year I'm handing out beads at the end of each week. Bo puts them on his BAM camp necklace. 
  • Black-good behavior
  • Yellow- FOB (Flat on Bed) at least 30 minutes without a fight.
  • Blue- good eating 
  • Orange- Journal page complete (Each week I will add another page to the black folder in his bag to help him learn his Spanish words. This week it had each word and a picture to color.)
  • Red- Know all 5 Spanish words (I say "fuego" he says "fire")
This is a quick little video showing what we did this week.

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