Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BAM Camp- Garden

Week 2 is complete! The theme was the garden.

Monday we went to George Washington Carver. First we had a picnic.

Then we walked the trail. This was the slave house.

We had to take a few breaks, but Amelia walked the entire trail.

Bo with the statue of George as a kid.

The Carver house.

We found a turtle.

We checked out the museum. We spent between 3 and 4 hours at the park.

This is Bo's box. Bag of dirt from Dollar Tree is the base, fake flowers from there too, bugs I already had, an egg carton painted brown with pipe cleaner carrots, and a Fruits and Vegetables Toob.

It was fun!

Amelia had hair gel and magnetic letters.

Also very fun.

Tuesday the kids made handprint flowers. I cut and drew everything, but Bo did the rest by himself.

Wednesday we had a tent day. Bo was with his Mia and it rained.

Amelia did her box. She learned her colors in Spanish in about 15 minutes.

Thursday the kids played with the stuff in their bags.

Then we planted grass heads.

And we finished up with our boxes.

Bo's  Spanish words were:
Flor- flower
Tierra- dirt
Mariposa- butterfly
Abeja- bee
Pala- shovel

This is the video of our week.

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