Monday, June 1, 2015

BAM Camp- Pond/Swamp

Last week's theme was the pond/swamp.

Tuesday was the only pretty day,
so naturally we went to the park.

And played in the splash pad.

We also made some crafts. This is Sis's. I cut the animals out with my Cricut then she used contact paper and tissue paper to make the picture.

Bo made some alligator tappers. I cut out some cardboard and hot glued 2 bottle caps in so they would tap when the mouth closed. Bo cut the paper and glued the eyes.

Sis's box was simple. She had water, soap, plastic dishes, and a rag.

She thought it was awesome.

Bo had a pond/swamp box. Later we added green food coloring. Obviously the base was water. Then I added green water beads, a river Toob, some animals I had from when my brother was little, and foam lilly pads.

Bo and his big brother Andrew played in it.

We also gave the grass heads a hair cut.

Wednesday was rainy. So we hung out inside and did our boxes.

We also made chocolate frogs and turtles.

Thursday it rained for most of the day. Bo and Andrew had a frog jumping contest.

The kids got to play with their bags.

We watched a movie in the tent.

And we did our boxes.

Bo's Spanish words:
Rana- frog
Tortuga- turtle
Animales- animals
Agua- water
Pantano- swamp

Here's out video too.

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