Monday, June 29, 2015

BAM Camp- In the Water

Last week was all about the water.
We made surf boards.

I thought this picture perfectly described what it's like to have a sibling. One thinks it funny and the other is so mad that can't see straight.

I cut the boards out of foam board. The kids colored them. Then I sprayed them with a clear coat.

Our crystals got big over the weekend.

Amelia's box was cloud dough. 1 C of oil for every 8 C of flour.

It feels soft.

Bo's box was water with blue food coloring and boats of all kinds.

I guess that smile means it fun.

Tuesday we did the boxes again.

While I filled water balloons.

I filled that entire tub with water balloons plus we had sponge bombs, foam water balls, water guns, and the sprinkler going.

Then we went swimming.

Wednesday they did boxes and we went to splash pad at the park, but I was too busy studying for my physics test to take pictures.

Thursday we went to Wildcat. They had to check the map before we walked the trail.

We found a pile of gravel and shells that washed up on the bridge during the flood last week. We collected a ton of them.

After the walk we played in the spring. It was cold, but we were so hot it felt wonderful.

We took a selfie.

Bo's Spanish Words:
Piscina- pool
Río- river
Barco- boat
Hielo- ice
Pato- duck

Here's our video too

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