Tuesday, June 16, 2015

BAM Camp- Pirates

Arr matey! Pirate week was tons of fun.

We played with sand dough. I made regular play dough then added sand.

I added in stuff for an aquarium.

Bo's base was water. I added pool noodle boats ( slice of pool noodle with a straw and foam for the mast and sail), beads, coins, pirate figures, a pirate costume, and a treasure chest.

Cutest pirate I've ever seen.

Amelia had a purple box. Water, food coloring, every purple toy I could find, and later purple ice.

Tuesday we played again.

Then we went swimming.

We made popsicles with gummy bears and Sprite. 

They were delicious!

Wednesday was our tent day. Thursday we did our bags.

And did our boxes again.

And of course we went went swimming. 

Even Gus.

Amelia painted with a fly swatter.

Bo painted a sword. I made it with a wrapping paper tube, some cardboard, hot glue, and aluminum foil. He painted the handle.

Bo's Spanish words:
Pirata- pirate
Dinero- money
Barco- ship
Pájaro- bird
Tesoro- treasure

Here's our video

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