Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BAM Camp- Caves

BAM Camp cave week is already over.

Amelia had a sandbox with some toys from the Dollar Tree.

It was fun, but very messy.

Bo's box had dirt, a shoebox cave, a Cave Dwellers Toob, and a North American Wildlife Toob.

Monday we made salt crystals. This was taken Thursday after they had some time to grow.

Bo enjoyoed it.

Tuesday we did our boxes again.

Then we painted walking sticks.

Wednesday we had a short day and it rained. Bo and Drew went swimming in the rain. Amelia and I watched a movie. Bo joined us later.

Thursday we were going to go to Wildcat and walk the trails and go into some real caves, but it POURED. Instead they did their boxes.

And their bags.

The boys went swimming again while Sis watched a movie in the tent and I did physics.

Here's our video

Bo's Spanish Words
Cueva- cave
Roca- rock
Linterna- flashlight
Oscuro- dark

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