Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BAM Camp- Dinosaurs

This week was all about dinos! Just an FYI, I have to take physics this sumer, so I don't have the kids as long each day. Therefore, we are doing as much stuff everyday. I still plan to do an activity with them every day and blog, but the blog may be later than usual.

Amelia made flowers. She picked some colors of paint (hence the brown). I put them in 2 paper cups with marbles. I taped the cups together and she shook. After they dried I cut them into flowers

Bo made dinosaur feet using kleenex boxes for the feet and sponges for the toes. I assembled and spray painted everything. Then he added more paint as he saw fit.

"I'm going to wear them all day!"

Amelia had a water box. The was water and I dumped in lots of sea critters and boats.

Bo had a dino box. The base was sand and I added a Baby Dinos and Dino Skulls Toobs, trees, a paintbrush (to dust the fossils) and a cave. I hid the skulls and he dug them up like a paleontologist.

He told me the dino box is always his favorite.

Tuesday we took our boxes outside.

After that we went to play in the splash pad at the park again.

Wednesday we went to the library, but somebody wanted to play doll house instead of read until we were walking out the door.

Bo and I on the other hand read every dino book he could find. (Yes this is the best selfie I could get from him.)

After a VBS meeting (I'm the director along with another college student.) we went home. Amelia was asleep, but Bo went ahead and did his box. 

Thursday after a picnic they dug into their bags.

Then soon after their boxes.

Bo's Spanish words:
Verde- green
Café- brown
Huevo- egg
Grande- big
Pequeño- small

Here's our video

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