Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BAM Camp- America

I'm sorry the blog is late. I've had a lot going on with VBS and school lately. Two weeks ago was America week. 

We made tin can firework poppers. 

Take a tin can and a metal lid. Nail a hole in the top middle of both. Put some twine through the holes and tie it short enough that the lid doesn't come out of the can. Paint to your liking. 

For Bo's box I used dollar store table confetti, pipe cleaners, and a Presidents Toob. 

We had some good questions about the presidents.

In Amelia's I used shredded paper and hid red, white, and blue toys in it.

Lots of hide and go seek going on.

Tuesday we played again.

We also made this layered drink. Pour in cran-apple juice, add ice (lots of it), pour Sobe piƱacolada on the ice directly so it doesn't mix. Finally add blueberry pomegranate Gatorade. It tastes best all mix up. It was a hit with the littles, a lady from church and the big boys.

Wednesdaywas a tent day. On Thursday we did our bags.

Bo's had the Rainbow Loom in it. 

Then we did boxes.

Then we did fireworks!

I let Bo light some, which was very exciting for all involved.

Here's our video.

Bo's Spanish words:
Red- rojo
White- blanco
Blue- azul
Star- estrella
Flag- bandera

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