Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BAM Camp- Ocean

Week before last, we had Ocean week. It rained almost everyday, so last Monday (the only day I had them last week) we did the outdoor activities we couldn't do during ocean week.

We made Hawaiian leis on Monday.

I used my Cricut to make the flowers. I cut up straw into about 1 inch pieces. The kids each got string and made a pattern. Flower, straw, flower, straw.

Bo's box had water, sea shells, blue water beads, boats, and a Coral Reef Toob.

Amelia's had water, blue half marbles, ocean animals and a mermaid.

Tuesday we played again, but it rained so we couldn't do our water blob.

Wednesday we did them again and it was our tent day.

We watched Shark Tale.

Thursday we once again had rain.

They did their bags.

After that they did their boxes.

Monday we went geocaching. Bo got a bracelet and Amelia got an airplane.

Then we came home and did the water blob.

I ironed the edges of a plastic drop cloth together leaving a hole for the hose. Use parchment paper between the iron and the plastic.

Here's our video.

Bo's Spanish Words:
Fish- pez
Sea- mar
Swim- nadar
Beach- playa
Sun- sol

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